The Competition?

Mostly All Talk with Little Substance

Since their systems are severely lacking, they employ slick Marketing folks to dress it up.
Pretty much EVERY Competitor was affected by the demise of Google Nearby, that is everyone but us! We Own our own Code, we are the Developers. Our system is solid, functional, and will remain so no matter what Google, Bing, Windows, Apple or Android do.

No User Control

These companies don't have a user control or user opt-in mechanism. Anyone who downloads the app gets Constantly Bombarded with messages. This is the primary reason Google stopped their Nearby service...Spam Complaints.
These companies have no way for the customer to throttle messages, categorize them, filter out what they don't want, receive messages based upon THEIR needs, etc.
In other words, the Blast Out Shotgun approach ALWAYS results one of two outcomes:
Uninstalling the App or Filing a complaint, and many times both.

Must use THEIR Beacon

They want you to be in the hardware business and they only support THEIR beacon.
Why would you tie yourself into a single manufacturer and be under their control? Just look at all the computer companies and resellers that have failed in just the past two years because of hardware. Do you really want to be in the Hardware business?

Only Beacons

If the condition just above wasn't bad enough, most of these companies only support Beacons. This is a tremendous limitation for any business because it forces them to purchase a beacon even if that's not the best solution for their needs.
Those that do offer GeoFences have antiquated systems that have Severe Usability issues when any area approaches 20+ GeoFences. Do you really want to be in a position to field those calls from your Unhappy Business Customers when Their Customers keep getting kicked off the system? How long do you think they will stay, or worse yet demand a refund? 

Business Customers must PAY up front

All of these companies want the business to pay for a subscription from day One. Ask yourself one question. How good of a sales person are you? Is that what you really want, get into that constant call back mode where you follow up again and again trying to convince someone to pay up front for something they aren't even sure will work?
This is a new technology and will take a LOT of explaining and answering of questions to get them to come onboard. Selling on the front end is a recipe for disaster and most of the resellers in these companies find out the hard way. And guess what, the company doesn't care because they got their money up front, the replacement reseller is already being recruited. Consider this...our Proprietary systems take the Selling OUT of the Equation!

No App Download Assistance

There are Three Major parts to this business and getting business subscriptions is just one, and some would even argue not the most important part. If you have App users you WILL get the business users, that's a Given. But you also need community support from several other sectors and we are the ONLY company that addresses this total package.
We have mini-presentations for numerous niches and organizations.

Loyalty Programs are Separate

We are the Only Company that includes a Customer Loyalty program in Every Paid Plan.
The other companies not only don't include this, it's a separate, stand alone program with very few features, often times requiring the consumer to download another app and most require extra hardware. Those Stamp systems and Loyalty Kiosks are a total disaster. Again we are back to the hardware issue. Just more money to tie up in intentory and hardware issues to deal with.
Our system has Ten Times the power and features of Any Program out there and it's built right into the Whats-OUT App!

Multiple Products

We are also the Only company with multiple products, and many of them can be incorporated directly into our main program, Whats-OUT. Take just one for instance, CouponXPRS. Why would a business want to just give stuff away when they can track the effectiveness of promotions and arrive at a true R.O.I. for every campaign?
Our Resellers receive access to ALL our products for Free. Unlike other companies that nickle and dime you up front, we prefer to grow with you. There is very little incentive for those 'Charge Up Front' companies to help you because they already have their money Up Front. In addition, they will put multiple Resellers in a territory.
When we decide on a reseller we protect their territory. As we receive requests from additional potential Resellers we send them to the Reseller of Record.

Additional Services

Our goal is to have our Resellers become the One Stop Shop for ALL their business client's Digital Marketing needs. What about SEO? We can show you how.
Facebook Marketing?  We have a solution.
How about working with a business on a Killer Website? Got you covered.
Marketing Consultant? They are currently paying a lot for that, why not capture some?
Video Marketing? This is a huge market and we can show you how to get involved.
How about an Email Marketing System? It's coming.
And that's just a sampling. 
The Goal or your business clients: Market Smarter...not More Expensively.

More Products on the Way

Our Resellers are in the loop for whatever we have in development and coming.
You know those little buzzers you get when you are waiting for a table at a restaurant? What if they could be replaced by the Whats-OUT app? HUGE Savings to the business, not to mention the opportunity for them to do additional marketing while the folks are waiting.
What about Doctors Appointments and Scheduling? Same thing.
Or, back to coupons. How important would it be to a business owner to not only know the R.O.I. of a promotion but what incremental sales were generated and from Where?
All new products they all become available to the Reseller for No Additional Charge. We want you showing them to the Business Owner, we want to Grow With You.

We Incentivize App Users

Can you name one other company that Incentivizes App Users to Share the App?
We do this right through the Whats-OUT App. Download it and see for yourself.
Not only that, we Incentivize App Users to share with businesses and when that happens, the Reseller in the territory gets the commissions generated, month after month, and they may have Never even been in that business!

Business Clients Upgrade on Auto-Pilot

Finally, can you name one other company with a system in place to take your business clients by the hand and help them through the process, staying in contact and telling them when it's time for them to upgrade to a larger subscription plan?
This starts right out with their Free system and at each stage of their growth, the system lets them know it's time to Engage those extra folks who want to engage.
And what business wouldn't? What business would not answer the door when a new prospect or customer is knocking?
The beauty of this Auto-Pilot, A.I. driven system is your income will increase with or without your intervention, and when that happens you are alerted so you can get back to them and possibly show them even more of our Dozens of Products. More than likely they will be asking, "What else do you have for me?"